Healthy Aging by Microbiome Ecohealth

With Agebiotics
From Microbioceutical
Against Inflammaging



World Life Expectancy

72,6 years

Healthy Life Expectancy

63,1 years

Life in handicap

9,5 years

This period does not decrease and at the same time the aging population increase


population over 65 years

9 %

population over 65 years

15 %


What is Microbiome ?

The microbiome (all of our bacteria) is the great discovery in medicine of the last decade.

The state of the microbiome’s functionality is the biomarker of our future state of health its dysbiosis (impoverishment in quantity and quality) is the signature of chronic diseases.
Controlling metabolism and microbiome would allow for a better personalization of medicine to prevent and cure chronic diseases and prevent the severity of viral diseases.

Who we are ?

Healthaging biosciences is a biotech of R&D, THE TEAM IS worldrenowned specialists in microbiome, metabolism, genetics, immunology and aging.

The objective is to provide :


  • better Health through the ECOHEATH of the microbiome
  • ageing without SEVERE handicap

Studying Aging from a microbiome perspective has given us the chance to increase Health, lengthen Healthy life Expectancy and preserves the Beauty of the Body longer.


Our program

Company’s program is to study the microbiome of people who have grown old without health problems.

Some tracks have been discovered but they need to be deepened and globalized in order to know how to make the sick microbiome of modernity evolve to make it ecohealth friendly.

Technological tools now exist with metagenomics, proteomics , metabolics, the motivated team just need to finance more intensely this programme which will cover EUROPE, the US, and SOUTH EAST ASIA.

A high level scientific and clinical quality of work but with a tight schedule from September 2020 to June 2023

This programme is a world first, combining microbiome and ageing science

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